Big Dog Communications Inc. uses the latest technology and tools mixed with proven marketing methods to create and customize marketing strategies. We help clients throughout Canada to attract, engage, and retain both customers and employees. 


Big Dog focuses on the five foundational elements of marketing including apps, branding, content, design, and events. As a business operator, we understand the importance of a unique story and a memorable brand. We work with each client to craft engaging content, combine it with bold branding and package it with dynamic design.


Shelly Brimble

Principal Consultant

Shelly is an executive marketing consultant that provides companies with the tools they need to strengthen and grow their brand.


She has always been a pioneer in business and was one of the first women in Canada to earn an Editor title with a petroleum and a construction magazine. She also explored new frontiers by founding a half-hour news magazine format television show that highlighted the energy industry. The show developed millions of viewers and launched one of the first streaming video websites at that time.


Throughout her career, Shelly has also given back to the community by becoming an executive on various boards and executing campaigns that helped raise over $8 million for various charities. She continues to support charities through Big Dog by donating an event app to enhance fundraising efforts


As the leader of a marketing consulting company, Shelly has been helping big and small customers strengthen their brand and grow their business since 2000. Throughout the years, she has created campaigns focused on winning results while adapting to new technology. In 2017, her company known as Big Dog Communications Inc. has turned a new page with re-branding as an App Agency, bringing the convenience of apps to businesses throughout Canada.

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Richard Brimble, MBA

Principal Consultant

Richard brings a wealth of operational expertise to Big Dog that provides a unique perspective to help companies target and grow their business. After obtaining his MBA from the University of Saskatchewan, Richard’s primary focus in commercial banking developed a unique understanding of ongoing business challenges and opportunities. With this foundation, his career led to larger corporations where as an executive, he developed strong project management and strategic planning skills.

Throughout his career, Richard has had many milestones including leading a risk management team that were able to navigate a leading utility company through the California Power crisis. His “think outside the box” approach also resulted in many unique and creative financing solutions ensuring the ongoing viability of companies. Richard led one of the largest high yield refinancing deals in North America in record time for a privately held company in Canada in 2013. His unique and diverse business skills are an asset to Big Dog customers.


Richard believes in giving back to the community and continues to volunteer for youth and health-focused charities. Each year, Big Dog selects non-profit or not-for-profit fundraisers and donates and event app to enhance their fundraising efforts. Richard oversees the applications and selection of the Big Dog Giving activities.