Saskatoon Online Groceries

Local grocers are working hard to offer pickup and delivery services to the Saskatoon community. These services reduce exposure to risk and are currently under high demand. Most have at least 1-week delay so plan accordingly. Most will provide substitutions unless you specify you do not want that option.


On-demand grocery delivery is available for orders $35 or over with a $3.99 delivery charge. They offer faster delivery options for the following stores: Real Canadian Superstore, Independent, Walmart, Shoppers, 
Wholesale Club, Staples, M&M, and Bulkbarn.

Real Canadian Superstore

Pickup from 8th Street East or Confederation Drive for orders over $30. Delivery windows are given for
2-hour blocks. Due to high volumes, you cannot edit your order after it has been placed. Expect about 1-week for openings. Also available for delivery with limited time slots.


For pickup make sure you have the right location selected under Start a New Order. Pickups are also about a 1-week wait as well. Minimum order of $30 required. Click on the Departments tab to see all items. Deliveries are shifted back to the Real Canadian Superstore web site.


Costco members can get groceries delivered. This is usually a 2-day service but is now about 5-6 days. Orders need to be $75 or more to avoid delivery fees. Before you begin, there are very limited selections for online shopping with only pantry items more available.

Save On Foods

Pickup and delivery options are very limited and they are asking that if you can shop yourself you should do so and save these options for the most vulnerable community members. Reserve a time slot first before proceeding and if there are no time slots showing that means it's booked.


Due to high demand, Pickup and Delivery orders are limited to a 4-day window. Pick a time slot first and try different locations to get one. There are no fees for Grocery Pickup orders that are picked up if the minimum order exceeds $50 (before taxes and applicable fees).


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