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Big Dog Communications Inc. Privacy Policy


Big Dog Communications Inc. respects your privacy and is committed to maintaining the accuracy, confidentiality, and security of your personal information in our possession. This Privacy Policy describes the personal information that we collect from or about you while conducting our business, how we use it and to whom we disclose that information. It governs the behaviour of our employees and agents acting on our behalf when dealing with your personal information, and provides a procedure for you to access and amend personal information held by us.


All references in this policy to “Big Dog Communications Inc.”, “Big Dog”, “we”, “us”, “our” and like terms should be interpreted as meaning Big Dog Communications Inc.


This Privacy Policy applies to how we may collect and use the personal information of unregistered or registered users or visitors in connection with their access to or use of our websites, mobile applications, and related services (collectively, the “services”), unless it is related to a potential, current or former employee of or contractor to Big Dog. Detail concerning an employee or contractor personal information handling is available from Big Dog through our Privacy Officer.


This Privacy Policy specifies how we may collect and use information pertaining to each of our unregistered visitors and registered users (each, a “Visitor” or “User” (respectively), or “you”), in connection with their access to and use of our websites, mobile applications, and related services (collectively, the “services”).


You may visit and/or use the services only if you fully agree to this Privacy Policy - and by accessing and/or using any of the services, you signify and affirm your informed consent to this Privacy Policy, including to the collection and processing of your Personal Information as defined and explained below.


What is Personal Information?


Personal information is any information about an identifiable individual, presented or collected in any form, such as home address, age, identification or account number(s), transaction history or credit records. Personal information does not include the business title or business contact information, or anonymous or non-personal information (i.e., information that cannot be associated with or tracked back to a specific individual).


What Personal Information Do We Collect?


Big Dog collects and maintains different types of personal information. These include, but are not limited to the following examples:


  • Contact and identification information, such as your name, address, telephone number, and e-mail address;

  • Product and services related information concerning the products and services that we provide to you, and any other personal information provided to us by visitors and/or users through their access to and/or use of the services;

  • Credit and financial information such as your payment methods and preferences, and transaction/billing history;

  • Business relationship information, including information related to agreements with you; Customer relationship information, such as customer service requests and feedback, and information requested by or from you or provided by or to you;

  • Correspondences, including those made through or uploaded to our services;

  • Market-related information, which may include personal information, concerning market trends and activities impacting our business. This information may include contract terms, financial information and other information for the purpose of market analysis and strategic planning; and/or

  • We may also collect information related to or resultant from our media and public relations activities.


Sometimes we use the services of third parties in our business, and may also receive personal information collected by those third parties in the course of the performance of their services for us. In these instances, we will take reasonable steps to ensure that such parties have represented to us that they have the right to disclose your personal information to us.


Why Do We Collect Personal Information?


Big Dog collects personal information to enable us to manage and develop our business, including, by way of illustration:


  • To establish, maintain and manage relations with you so that we may provide you with the products and services that have been requested.

  • To review the products and services that we provide to you so that we may understand your requirements and improve our products and services;

  • To be able to contact our visitors and users with general or personalized service-related notices and promotional messages (as further detailed in the Promotional Communications section below);

  • To inform you of products and services other than those which you have specifically requested;

  • To protect us against error, fraud, theft, and damage;

  • To create aggregated statistical data and other aggregated information, which we or our business partners may use to provide and improve our respective services; and

  • To comply with applicable legal or regulatory requirements. For example, we may collect personal information to satisfy the obligations imposed upon us by various government authorities, regulatory boards or agencies, or to follow procedures mandated by such authorities, boards or agencies in respect of the provision of our products and services.


How Do We Use Your Personal Information?


Big Dog may use your personal information for the purposes described in this policy, or for any additional purpose for which we have obtained your consent. We may use personal information without your knowledge or consent where we are permitted or required by applicable legal or regulatory requirements.

When Do We Disclose Your Personal Information?


We may disclose your personal information to affiliates, employees, contractors, suppliers or other parties who require such information to assist us with establishing, maintaining and managing our business relationships, including third parties that provide services to us or on our behalf; third parties that collaborate with Big Dog in the provision of services to you or on your behalf; third parties to whom we are directly or through you providing products and services; and third parties we use in the performance of our services. Such third-party services may receive or otherwise have access to our visitors’ and users’ personal information, in its entirety or in part – depending on each of their particular roles and purposes in facilitating and enhancing our services, and may only use it for such purposes.


Further, your Personal Information may be disclosed:


  • Pursuant to a legal request, such as a subpoena, legal proceedings, search warrant or court order, or in compliance with applicable laws, if we have a good faith belief that the law requires us to do so, with or without notice to you.

  • As permitted or required by applicable law or regulatory requirement;

  • If we believe in good faith that this will help protect the rights, property or personal safety of Big Dog, any of our users, or any member of the general public, with or without notice to you.

  • During emergency situations or where necessary to protect the safety of a person or group; Where the personal information is public; or

  • With your consent.


Big Dog will endeavour to disclose only such personal information as is required under the circumstances, and to ensure such party is bound by appropriate obligations to use or disclose personal information in a manner consistent with the use and disclosure provisions of this Privacy Policy and the applicable legislation.


Use of Cookies


Big Dog, together with its marketing, analytics and technology partners, uses certain monitoring and tracking technologies (such as cookies). These technologies are used in order to maintain, provide, and improve our services on an ongoing basis, and in order to provide our visitors, our users with a better experience. For example, thanks to these technologies, we are able to maintain and keep track of our visitors’ and users’ preferences and authenticated sessions, to better secure our services, to identify technical issues, user trends and effectiveness of campaigns, and to monitor and improve the overall performance of our services.


Note: Third-party services placing cookies or utilizing other tracking technologies through our services may have their own policies regarding how they collect and store information. Such practices are not covered by our Privacy Policy.


Promotional Communications


By subscribing to any services (including to any of our newsletters, blogs, social media accounts or public events) and providing Big Dog with your e-mail address or any other contact information (such as your phone number or social media id), you expressly agree to receive promotional content, messages or calls from Big Dog or our partners through such channels.


Accordingly, Big Dog shall be entitled to call you or send you promotional content or messages by e-mail, SMS, direct text messages, marketing calls and similar forms of communication. If you wish not to receive such promotional messages or calls, you may notify Big Dog at any time or follow the “unsubscribe” instructions contained in the promotional communications you receive.


Opt-Out Provisions


You may change or withdraw your consent at any time, subject to legal or contractual restrictions and reasonable notice, by contacting our Privacy Officer using the contact information set out below. In some circumstances, a change in or withdrawal of consent may severely limit our ability to provide products and services to, or acquire products and services from you. All communications with respect to such withdrawal or variation of consent must be in writing.


We assume, unless you advise otherwise, that by accessing or receiving a copy of this Privacy Policy, or by continuing to deal with us, you have consented to the collection, use and disclosure of your personal information as explained herein.


How Is your Personal Information Protected?


Big Dog endeavours to maintain physical, technical and procedural safeguards that are appropriate to the sensitivity of the personal information in question. These safeguards are designed to protect your personal information from loss and from unauthorized access, copying, use, modification or disclosure.


In the course of conducting its business, Big Dog may monitor the activities of individuals in respect of its operations and its property. For example, Big Dog uses surveillance cameras to protect company property, for the security of employees and third parties, and to protect against theft, vandalism, and damage. Usually video tape recording archives are routinely destroyed and not shared with third parties unless there is an incident being investigated, or suspicion of a crime, in which case they may be turned over to the police or other appropriate authorities.


How Long Is your Personal Information Retained?


Except as otherwise permitted or required by applicable law or regulatory requirement, Big Dog endeavours to retain personal information only for as long as it believes necessary to fulfill the purposes for which the information was collected, including for the purpose of meeting any legal, accounting or other reporting requirements or obligations.


Updating Your Personal Information


Since we use your personal information to provide products and services to you, or to obtain products and services from you, it is important that the information contained in our records is both accurate and current. If your personal information changes during the course of our relationship, keep us informed of such changes.


Access to Your Personal Information


You can ask to see the personal information that we hold about you at any time. If you want to review, verify or correct your personal information, contact our Privacy Officer using the contact information set out below. Any such communication must be in writing.

When you request access, please note that we may require specific information from you to enable us to confirm your identity and right to access, as well as to search for and provide you with the personal information that we hold about you. Privacy legislation provides for, and we may charge you, a fee to access your personal information.


Your right to access the personal information we hold about you is not absolute. There are and may in future be instances where applicable legal or regulatory requirements allow or require us to refuse to provide you some or all of the personal information that we hold about you. In addition, your personal information may have been destroyed, erased or made anonymous in accordance with our record retention obligations and practices, and may not be available to provide to you. If we cannot provide you with access to your personal information, we will try to tell you the reasons why, subject to any legal or regulatory restrictions.


Notification and Consent


By accessing or receiving a copy of this Privacy Policy, or providing personal information to Big Dog, unless you advise us otherwise, you will be deemed to have given consent, where such consent is required, to the collection, use, and disclosure of your personal information in accordance with and for the purposes stated in this Privacy Policy, including any other purposes stated or reasonably implied at the time the personal information was provided to Big Dog, or for which you have subsequently or otherwise received notice, and, where your consent is required by law, we have obtained your consent.


Big Dog Communications Inc. Privacy Officer Contact Information:
Big Dog Communications Inc.
Attn: Privacy Officer
Telephone: 306-301-8609


If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy or concerns about how we manage your personal information, please contact our Privacy Officer by email or phone. We will try to answer your questions and advise you of any steps taken to address the issues raised by you in accordance with the applicable legislation. If you are unsatisfied with our response, you may be entitled to make a written submission to the Privacy Commissioner with authority in your jurisdiction.


This Privacy Policy is not intended to create or confer upon any individual any rights, or impose upon Big Dog any rights or obligations outside of, or in addition to, any rights or obligations imposed by federal and provincial privacy laws. Should there be, in any specific case, any inconsistency between this Privacy Policy and the applicable federal and provincial Privacy laws, this Policy shall be interpreted to give effect to and comply with such Privacy laws.




We will post our Privacy Policy and any revised versions of our Privacy Policy on our website at . Any changes to this Privacy Policy will be effective from the time they are posted.