How to shop Saskatoon with social distancing 

To help the Saskatoon community during COVID-19, Big Dog Communications Inc. built this web page with links to local Saskatoon businesses that are offering online shopping with delivery during social distancing.

Click on the shopping category below to get a list of your local providers.

If you are a local business provider that would like to be added to this web site contact us (or fill out the form below) at:

Big Dog Communicatons Inc.

Cell: (306) 301-8409

Are Deliveries Safe

All delivery services are using national COVID-19 guidelines to ensure safe operations. Almost all offer a leave at the door option when placing the order to ensure safe distancing. Practice safe handling of any new items coming into your home including washing any surfaces if possible and always wash your hands and surfaces used. Below are links to how to handle deliveries of food and groceries when they arrive at your home.


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